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Type : Light Installation
Festival: Winterfest
Location : Wembley Park, London
Status : Completed
Year : 2021

Reunion is a light art installation representing connectedness and the act of gathering people together. It takes the form of light arches which curve towards each other, signifying contact and connection. The rotating colour patterns are inspired by the movements of bodies revolving in a circle.


Designed to celebrate the opportunity to come together again following the pandemic, visitors are encouraged to interact with the space and bring the installation to life.


Hide & Seek Festival - 2022   


St Sampson's Square, York - 2023

Design + Light : Kumquat Lab
Fabrication : Magmasculpture, Barnshaws
Structural engineering : Momentum Engineering
Video : Elijah Grant

Photo : Gemma Parker, JMA Photography
Kumquat Lab - design + light
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