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Type : Light Installation
Festival : Concentrico 07
Status : Concept - 2nd place
Year : 2021

Designed to be exhibited on the Paseo del Ebro, somos seeks to create a dialogue between visitors and the river. The Ebro, the most powerful of the Spanish rivers, is a symbol of wild nature. As it passes through cities, this natural force is tamed, and becomes accessible to large numbers of people. In Logroño, the Paseo del Ebro is a key site for locals to admire the river; it is a site of harmonious encounter between humans and nature.

somos celebrates this harmony through its design and visual effects. It features two cylindrical structures which, when viewed from the front, appear as circles. The first, upper cylinder is installed at ground level. Accessible to visitors from the paseo, it symbolizes the human. The second, lower cylinder is positioned against the retaining wall of the quay. Through its proximity to the water, it symbolizes the river. With its two symmetrical circles of identical size, somos suggests a perfect balance between man and nature.

As night falls, the two cylinders light up. The lower cylinder takes on a colour gradient which swirls peacefully, as if reacting to the flow of the current. The illumination of the upper cylinder remains static until a visitor enters the structure. When it detects presence, the illumination of the upper cylinder begins to rotate in unison with the lower cylinder and the rhythm of the river. The two illuminations, swirling in unison, evoke the image of rotating gears set off by the driving force of the water. The light activation of the installation thus establishes a tangible and poetic dialogue between visitor and river, between human and nature.

Kumquat Lab - design + light
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